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The fourth single of EDKUB

The third single of EDKUB

The second single of EDKUB, playlisted on Swiss radio RTS - La première.

The first single of EDKUB, played by DJ Jack El Calvo as the opening track of his mixes on New Morning Radio, Paris


From the album SUMO - Galactika (Chiz Rercords 2016), playlisted on radio SRF virus


From the SUMO - Before the Sun (Chiz Records 2004), figured on the compilation Fashion TV Spring- Summer 2001 collection. 


From the album SUMO - Before The sun (Chiz Records 2004), figured on compilation Aphrodisiac 3 and played by Gilles Peterson on Worldwide FM



From the album SUMO - Galctika (Chiz Records 2016), playlisted on radio Couleur 3


From the album SUMO - Before The Sun (Chiz Record 2004), mixed by Djs Deep Dish (USA)

From the album SUMO - Ex Machina (Chiz Records 2013), figured in the film Tapis Rouge, from Frédéric Bailif and Kantarama Gahigirl

From the album SUMO - Over the Beat (Chiz Records 2011)


Over The Beat, SUMO (CH), Chiz, 2010
Galactika, SUMO (CH), Chiz, 2016
Rise, SUMO (CH), Mental Groove, 2006
Ex-Machina, SUMO (CH), Chiz, 2013
Before The Sun, SUMO (CH), Chiz, 2004
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