The new single of EDKUB


The first single of EDKUB, played by DJ Jack El Calvo as the opening track of his mixes on New Morning Radio, Paris


From the album SUMO - Galactika (Chiz Rercords 2016), playlisted on radio SRF virus


From the album SUMO - Galctika (Chiz Records 2016), playlisted on radio Couleur 3


From the album SUMO - Before The sun (Chiz Records 2004), figured on compilation Aphrodisiac 3 and played by Gilles Peterson on Worldwide FM


From the SUMO - Before the Sun (Chiz Records 2004), figured on the compilation Fashion TV Spring- Summer 2001 collection. 


From the album SUMO - Before The Sun (Chiz Record 2004), mixed by Djs Deep Dish (USA)

From the album SUMO - Ex Machina (Chiz Records 2013), figured in the film Tapis Rouge, from Frédéric Bailif and Kantarama Gahigirl

From the album SUMO - Over the Beat (Chiz Records 2011)


Galactika, SUMO (CH), Chiz, 2016
Ex-Machina, SUMO (CH), Chiz, 2013
Over The Beat, SUMO (CH), Chiz, 2010
Rise, SUMO (CH), Mental Groove, 2006
Before The Sun, SUMO (CH), Chiz, 2004